We have a complex Network construct to enable ubiquitous services that will be provided nationally. As a National ISP, we have placed a high value Network design.

The result of that focus is a product that comprises of components that may be dimensioned to suit any business need, regardless of which technology and frequencies are required to deliver the last mile.

Currently we have more than 10 000km of Wireless Networks to deliver on the expanding demand for high speed connectivity.  We offer a high-quality alternative over a modern, high-speed, privately-owned network which joins businesses to the world independently.

Through a combination of solar generated power to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all our networks and virtually no downtime to any client.

Great for you!

Our network topology includes redundant links in our core, and we utilise multiple undersea cables for optimum tautology.

Our network allows us to work closely with our partners to offer more bespoke solutions, as well as a more personal and manageable service.


With fast installation turnaround times and even faster reliable connectivity, why shouldn’t you?

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